Last updated on August 7th, 2023

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MyTravelBuzzg Travel Guide

It’s time you take a much-deserved holiday! We know it can be tough to know where to start when you’re planning your trip. We’ve written the best travel guides to make it easy for you to plan your trips. Check out our comprehensive travel guides to get valuable information from our travel guide here. These destination guides will give you all the information you need for your trip so you can travel better, longer, and cheaper.

Travel in Asia

Planning a trip in Asia and want to find out more about a destination we’ve visited? Find your destination on the list for lots more info on what to do.


Here are a few travel destinations in Asia with detailed itineraries to some of our favorite destinations for your travel needs.

Tokyo Kawaguchiko itinerary - Chureito Pagoda with Mount Fuji
Japan Route
7 Days Kansai Itinerary
Kansai Region, Japan
Jeju Itinerary
Jeju Island, South Korea

Popular Travel Blog to East Asia Region (Japan – Kansai, Kanto, Chubu, Hokkaido, Kyushu), South Korea – Jeju Island, and more):

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide
Bangkok Itinerary A Travel Guide Blog
Central Vietnam Itinerary

Popular Travel Blog to South East Asia Region (Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Thailand – Bangkok, Central Vietnam, Northern Vietnam, and more):

Travel in Europe

Whether you have many weeks to spend in Europe or are just keen to plan the perfect 2-week Europe itinerary, we’re here to help you plan your ideal trip to this incredible region.

Jungfraujoch Travel
Jungfrau Region, Switzerland
Amsterdam Itinerary
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paris Itinerary
Paris, France

Looking to get more out of your travel destination to Western and Central Europe? Here are our popular travel itineraries and travel guide blog to those destinations.

Below Europe travel blog includes some popular itineraries and coverage of essential attractions in popular Central and Eastern Europe’s fascinating regions.

Overview of Planning a trip for Central Europe itinerary

Cesky Krumlov Itinerary
Cesky Krumlov
One Day Itinerary At Hallstatt
Three Day Itinerary in Budapest

Popular travel itineraries in Central Europe:

Travel in the USA

Here you can find our travel stories to below popular travel destinations in the USA. There are far from the complete USA travel guide as there are so many things to do and places awaiting to discover in the USA.

The Overview of USA Travel Guide

San Francisco Itinerary Travel Guide Blog
San Francisco
Grand Canyon Itinerary - A Travel Guide Blog
Grand Canyon
Las Vegas Travel Guide Blog
Las Vegas