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How to Get To Hallstatt From Salzburg, Vienna and CK

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Last updated on April 27th, 2024

Hallstatt, one of the most beautiful towns in Austria, or probably the world, is part of the MUST GO list for any traveler. The scenery of Hallstatt is so amazing and dreaming, just like a postcard right in front of you.

Every year, millions of visitors flock into this Austrian village which with only under 800 residents. The difficulty of transportation to get to Hallstatt cannot stop visitors to experience this UNESCO World Heritage site. The scenery of Hallstatt is really worthwhile on a special trip to experience the lovely lakeside town.

Travel Postcard: Perfect One Day Itinerary in Hallstatt

Transportation Overview: Getting to Hallstatt

The transportation to get to Hallstatt is not very convenient due to its location. Many public transportation options are available to get to Hallstatt from Salzburg, Vienna, or Český Krumlov (CK town) depending on your travel itinerary.

However, all public transport regardless of bus or train required at least change more than once unless self-driving. The ferry ride, called Stefanie is optional. However, we do recommend you choose the ferry ride at least once as it will cross the Hallstätter See, which is the best part of the journey. The ferry schedule matches up the arrival and departure time of the train from Salzburg, Wien, and Linz.

  • From Salzburg: Bus, Train + ferry
  • From Vienna, Linz: Train + ferry
  • Lastly, Cesky Krumlov: By shuttle car

Look confusing, right? No worry, refer to our one glance overview with transportation options listed. You will find out taking public transport is easy to get to Hallstatt. We try to simplify the journey with lesser changing of transportation. It looks complicated, but the actual ride is easy.

Hallstatt Major Transportation Station Location

Hallstatt Overview
  • Bahnstation: Hallstatt main train station for traveler, Hallstatt Bahnhof. Walk 50m of pavement walkway to schiffstation for ferry ride to Hallstatt Markt.
  • Obertraun: Next stop of Hallstatt station where you can go to Dachstein Ice Cave and five fingers. Take bus #543 to Hallstatt Lahn. Obertraun has cheaper accommodation compared with Hallstatt.
  • Hallstatt Markt: Connected with ferry ride from Bahnstation. The main market square of Hallstatt.
  • Hallstatt Lahn: Hallstatt main bus station. The Salzwelten Hallstatt Salt mines is nearby with walking distance.

How to Get To Hallstatt From Salzburg

Salzburg is the closest place to reach Hallstatt by two main option of public transportation, which is PostBus and train from ÖBB or Westbahn.

The ideal traveling time is 2.5 hours together with the waiting time, depending on the frequency, the journey can take up to 3 hours.

Getting To Hallstatt from Salzburg By Bus

If you are choosing to get to Hallstatt from Salzburg by bus, the bus terminal in Salzburg, called Südtiroler Platz is just in front of the Salzburg train station. Look for bus #150 from Salzburg bus station, normally located at platform F, to start your Hallstatt bus journey. You will require a change to bus #542 at Bad Ischl Bahnhof, and lastly bus #543 at Hallstatt Gosaumühle to Hallstatt Lahn. No worry as the bus schedule is well connected and it is easily boarding to the next bus.

Keep in mind that the first bus leaves Salzburg from 5:55 a.m to 6:45 a.m from Monday to Saturday, but not until 8:15 a.m on Sundays. If you are directly going to the Ice Caves, the bus is a better option as the last destination of the bus is Dachstein Visitor Center.

Total fare of €14.6. Get your bus tickets online, purchase them at Salzburg train/bus station, or directly from the driver.

Pros: Cheapest option, with a bus schedule, is well connected.
Cons: Required board three different buses, and not suitable for those have more luggage and the journey will be quite tiring.

By Bus OnlySalzburg Hbf (bus #150) 1.5hr ⇔ Bad Ischl Bahnhof (bus #542) 30min ⇔ Hallstatt Gosaumühle (bus #543) 10min ⇔ Hallstatt Lahn

Getting To Hallstatt from Salzburg By Bus + Train + Bus/Ferry

Getting to Hallstatt by ferry

There is another option if you are choosing to take a bus from Salzburg. Next, transfer from Postbus to ÖBB Regional train in Bad Ischl to Hallstatt. No worry about finding the bus or train station as the train station is right in front of the bus station.

Obertraun is the next station after Hallstatt and some people choose this option mainly because of staying at Obertraun or planning to go to Ice caves. If you have time, you could spend a few interesting hours in Bad Ischl until you continue your journey to Hallstatt.

In the last step, taking the bus or ferry is depend on your preference. While, Hallstatt train station is the opposite of Hallstatt town and required to take the ferry to cross the lake, called HallstätterSee.
Total fare of €14.6 + an additional €3 for the ferry ride.

Pros: Suitable for those stay in Obertraum
Cons: Required to change many types of transportation and an additional €3 for the ferry

By Bus + Train + BusSalzburg Hbf (Bus #150) 1.5hr ⇔ Bad Ischl Bahnhof (change from bus to ÖBB train) 35min ⇔ Obertraun (Bus #543) 10min ⇔ Hallstatt Lahn
By Bus + Train + FerrySalzburg Hbf (bus # 150) 1.5hr ⇔ Bad Ischl Bahnhof (change from bus to ÖBB train) 30min ⇔ Hallstatt Bahnhof (ferry) 10min ⇔ Hallstatt Markt

Getting To Hallstatt from Salzburg by Train + Ferry/Bus

Getting To Hallstatt By Train

You can choose ÖBB or Westbahn train to Hallstatt when departing from Salzburg. Getting to Hallstatt by Westbahn train will be cheaper due to the slightly longer traveling time. But I do recommend choosing ÖBB if you manage to get the Sparschiene ticket at a cheaper fare. The earliest train departs from Salzburg leaves at 5:12 am to Wien direction with one hour per train.

In our opinion, this is the best option for traveling to Hallstatt from Salzburg. The train is easier, faster, punctual, and more comfortable. No need to worry about cannot board the bus in case of too many people, and the most important train has a better view.

Although the fare is slightly more expensive but worth it. You possibly can get the Sparschiene ticket from ÖBB at a cheaper fare if you buy the ticket early. I manage to grab the Sparschiene ticket for €9 during my last visit to Hallstatt, which is a very good deal. However, take note that no change on departure date, time, or traveler is allowed for a Sparschiene ticket.

Total fare of €29.6 + €3 for the ferry ride.

You can choose to get down at Obertraum and take a bus to Hallstatt. Again, a good option for those going to Obertraun for five fingers and ice caves. The bus fare is €2.2 for a single trip.
Total fare of €29.6 + €2.2 for the bus.

Pros: Train is more comfortable and easier.
Cons: The traveling journey is slightly longer compared with the bus. The fare is more expensive than the normal fare.

By Train + FerrySalzburg Hbf (ÖBB or Westbahn) 45min ⇔ Attnang-Puchheim (ÖBB transfer) 1.5hr ⇔ Hallstatt Bahnhof (ferry) 10min ⇔ Hallstatt Markt
By Train + BusSalzburg Hbf (ÖBB or Westbahn) 45min ⇔ Attnang-Puchheim (OBB Transfer) 1.5hr ⇔ Obertraun (Bus #543) 10min ⇔ Hallstatt Lahn

How to Get To Hallstatt By Train From Vienna and Graz

Getting to Hallstatt from Vienna or Graz

Getting to Hallstatt from Vienna or Graz will be easy as not many options available. The best and recommended from Vienna or Graz to Hallstatt is by train station until Hallstatt Bahnhof, and then change to bus or boat ride.

From Vienna, the cheaper fare is €19 for a Sparschiene ticket and can range up to €55 from ÖBB. During the weekend, Vienna has a direct train departing from Wien hbf Vienna train station to and from Hallstatt train station, which takes only about 3 hours. Another train option is using the Westbahn train from Wien to Attnang-Puchheim and then proceeding for the ÖBB train to Hallstatt train station.

While the train fare from Graz is as low as €9 if buy earlier. Both traveling times from Vienna and Graz normally takes 3.5 to 4 hours with two or three times of interchange required.

By Train From ViennaLinz Hbf (Wien-Hauptbahnhof) 2hr ⇔ Attnang-Puchheim (ÖBB transfer) 1hr 15min ⇔ Hallstatt Bahnhof (boat) 10 min ⇔ Hallstatt Markt
By Train From GrazGraz Hbf (ÖBB) 1hr 51min ⇔ Stainach-Irdning (ÖBB transfer) 2hr 50min ⇔ Hallstatt Bahnhof (boat) 10 min ⇔ Hallstatt Markt

How to Get To Hallstatt From Cesky Krumlov

How to get to Hallstatt from Cesky Krumlov

From Cesky Krumlov to Hallstatt, there is no formal public transportation that can directly go to Hallstatt. Traveler needs to transfer to Salzburg and then proceed for bus or train option.

However, share shuttle services are operated by private companies like CK Shuttle, Bean Shuttle, and more. This greatly helps in getting between Český Krumlov and Hallstatt. The fare varies starting from 800CZK / €30 for about 3 hours ride depending on pick up and drops off location. The drop-off location normally is Hallstatt Lahn as a car is not allowed to enter Hallstatt except for residents.

Hallstatt Transportation Money Saving Tips

Overtourism at Hallstatt

Most importantly, get the Sparschiene ticket from ÖBB where you can save up to 80% off the full fare if your traveling date and time is confirmed. No change on traveling date, time, and change can be done after the purchase. Normally a limited number of tickets available on sale per train and price will be getting more and more expensive after the cheaper range of tickets sold. Afternoon and weekend tickets are always top picks from travelers. Do check your Sparschiene ticket 6 months in advance!

Salt adventure tour combined ticket at €37.3 offered from ÖBB with normally cost of €40. This combined ticket includes the boat transfer to and back from Hallstatt Markt to Hallstatt train station and admission to Salzwelten Hallstatt Salt mines with funicular included. The €2 or €3 of saving might be a little, but you are able to board the boat earlier if you have the boat ticket purchased.

Getting to Hallstatt, Best Option?

Getting To Hallstatt by Ferry

How to choose your transportation option when getting to Hallstatt? For me, it is actually pretty straightforward.

From Salzburg to Hallstatt, choose the train if you are able to get the Sparschiene ticket from ÖBB. It is more comfortable and easier compare with the bus. If the train fare is too expensive, consider taking the bus if money is a concern for you. Additionally, you can also consider the bus option if you are getting to Obertraum or Ice Cave.

While from Vienna, Graz, and Cesky Krumlov to Hallstatt, there is even easier to plan. Board the train from Vienna or Graz to Hallstatt, easy and simple. If you are planning to Hallstatt from Cesky Krumlov, the private shuttle will be sending you right to the Hallstatt Lahn without so many times of transfers.

Looking For Central Europe Itinerary?

Hopefully, our transportation guide on getting to Hallstatt is helpful. No worry about planning your Central Europe travel as the transportation of getting around is pretty simple.

If you are interested, see how we travel around nearby like Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Salzburg, Munich, Bratislava, and Budapest. Our itinerary included all the tips for getting around, where to stay, what to eat, and money-saving tips. Happy travel!