Where To Stay in Hallstatt

Where To Stay in Hallstatt [Top 3 Best Places in Hallstatt]

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Last updated on April 21st, 2024

An accommodation guide for the best hotel and Germany-style Gasthof you are looking for where to stay in Hallstatt to discover the world’s most beautiful lakeside town.

Hallstatt has been famous for centuries as the most beautiful town in Europe. Thanks to the postcard-perfect view, I had been dreaming of visiting Hallstatt for a very long time. The lakeside town is so dreaming, surrounded by Alps mountains and beautiful at every season.

The tiny town can be visited within a few hours of a brief visit. However, staying one night in Hallstatt is highly recommended for the best experience. While most of the day-trippers leave the town in the late evening. It is one of the most fabulous times to admire the serene town.

My pick on the best place to stay in Hallstatt whether you are a first-time visitor, traveling with kids, a budget traveler or just wish to find a quiet location for a laidback holiday.

Quick Tips: Where To Stay in Hallstatt

Tips For Where To Stay in Hallstatt

Due to limited accommodations available, it is not easy to find your best stay in Hallstatt. There are only a few places to stay in the old town. The price also might not so budget-friendly and can be easily cost 200 euro just for one night stay.

So, continue to read on our best pick hotels in the best place to stay in Hallstatt.

What is the best place to stay in Hallstatt?

Our Hallstatt accommodation guide concludes below the three best places to stay in Hallstatt is Hallstatt Old Town, staying nearby ATO Hallstatt Lahn, and Obertraun.

Should I stay overnight in Hallstatt?

We would definitely recommend staying one night in Hallstatt. The town is at its most magical after the day-trippers leave.

Any Budget Hotel in Hallstatt Old Town?

Gasthof Simony – Probably one of the best budget hotels in Hallstatt Old Town. It is a boutique historical building mostly made of wood.

How Much For A Room in Hallstatt?

Due to limited accommodation available, one night’s stay in Hallstatt can easily cost at least 200 euro per night.

Hallstatt Hotel Tips: When looking for the best price and biggest selection of hotels in Hallstatt check prices for Hallstatt Best Hotel from Booking.com. We found they are the best option and have a great cancelation policy.

Top Three Best Places in Hallstatt

  • Hallstatt Old Town: Best place to stay in Hallstatt. Look for rooms overlooking the Hallstatt lake.
  • Staying nearby ATO Hallstatt Lahn: Great option for those who prefer to stay in the old town but away from the tourist crush.
  • Obertraun – Across the lake with cheaper stay with 7-mins of bus ride from town.

Hallstatt Old Town

View on Seehotel Grüner Baum
View on Seehotel Grüner Baum

To get more of the secret charms, choose to stay in the Hallstatt Old Town. The old town is the best place to stay in Hallstatt. Look for rooms overlooking the lake if budget is not a concern. However, there are only two hotels in town where you’ll find all the best accommodations for your stay.

Seehotel Gruner Baum is the most romantic hotel in the old town, right in the middle of the historic center. It is probably the best lakeside hotel in Hallstatt. This 17th-century hotel offers a panoramic lake view in a historical ambiance with a spacious room. View from the room that overlooked the lake was very breathtaking.

Heritage Hotel – Great location with a gorgeous view from three renovated historical buildings in town. Haus Kainz, the main building while Haus Stocker and Haus Seethaler with 3 to 5 minutes walking distance from the main building.

Seewirt Zauner
Seewirt Zauner

There are not many accommodation choices at Hallstatt. One of the options is to stay at the Gasthof, a German-style guesthouse in a wooden building in the town. Most of them have a long history with rather few bedrooms. But you will find a wonderful stay from a friendly host.

Gasthof Simony – Probably one of the best budget stays in Old Town. It is a boutique historical building mostly made of wood. Located in the central town with ferry boat landing is just a 2-minute walk away. Some of the rooms overlook the lake with superb scenery. Remember to book early to secure the lakefront room.

Further Read on: Gasthof Simony: Best Budget Stay in Hallstatt

Seewirt Zauner – Situated right on the historic market square with rooms with mountain or lake views. A traditional yet modern accommodation.

Nearby ATO Hallstatt Lahn

Where To Stay in Hallstatt - Nearby ATO Hallstatt Lahn

Staying nearby ATO Hallstatt Lahn is a great option for those who prefer to stay in the old town but away from the tourist crush. Just a little further away from the main square is the ATO Hallstatt Lahn. This area is best to stay for those who love to spend a peaceful and laidback vacation. It is located out of the center but very close to the old town market square with less than 5 minutes walking distance.

Generally, the accommodation nearby ATO Hallstatt Lahn will be cheaper and more spacious compared with the old town. If you’re traveling by car, the pensions or guesthouses just outside the old town are your best options.

Hallstatt Lakeside
Hallstatt Lakeside

Gasthof Bergfried is located only 150 meters from the shore of the lake. Everything is accessible by walking including the supermarket and bus stop which is located 200 meters away. Free private parking is available on site.

Hallstatt Lakeside provides accommodation with a private beach area and garden facing the wonderful lake. These apartment units are included a fully equipped kitchenette, washing machine, and dryer free to use. One of the top picks for families with kids.

Gasthof Hirlatz – Family-run guesthouse within 10 minutes walking distance from town. Suitable for couples and families who prefer a comfortable quiet stay and friendly staff.


Seehotel am Hallstättersee
Seehotel am Hallstättersee

Consider staying at Obertraun if you wish to save some of the money. It offers a cheaper stay and most budget accommodation in town. Moreover, Obertraun is located three miles away from town across the lake. It offers accommodation to stay at a cheaper price compared with the center of town. Besides, Obertraum can be easily reached by bus or train. It takes only 7-mins of bus ride to Obertraun from the old town. 

Seehotel am Hallstätter See – Located directly at the lake with panoramic views and impressive Dachstein Mountains. The room is comfortable with a lovely view. One of the popular stay in Obertraun.

Dormio Resort Obertraun – Well equipped chalets with balcony and terrace, wood-burning stove, and solid wooden furniture. Spacious room with an amazing view. A family-friendly stay in nearby Hallstatt.

One Night in Hallstatt

Spend one night in this fairy tale town truly amazing. Moreover, it is rumored to be the inspiration behind Frozen’s Arendelle. Staying at least one night in Hallstatt is highly recommended. The alpine village with dramatic landscapes is worth slowing down your pace to discover the hidden gem. Make sure to reserve your stay in advance as a popular room running fast. Enjoy your best stay in Hallstatt!

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