How To Reserve Kyushu Highway Bus Ticket, Explained

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Last updated on April 27th, 2024

A simple guide on how to reserved Kyushu highway bus ticket with a clear explanation. Include some useful tips when visiting Kyushu on budget.

When visiting Kyushu Japan, highway bus is an important transportation for travelers using public transport. It is cheaper compare with a train. Most importantly, some popular attractions such as Takachiho Gorge and Kurokawa onsen are not accessible by train.

During our trip to Kyushu, we visiting many beautiful attractions by using the bus. It is very punctual, clean and comfortable. Added, our bus ride is covered by Kyushu SunQ Pass which greatly saves us a lot of money when getting around. For the first time visitor to Japan, almost all Japan highway bus is required for seat reservation. From outside Japan, there are are few options to make the highway bus reservation, which is by phone call or online reservation.

Meanwhile, below simple explanation will guide you on how to reserve the Kyushu highway bus.

How To Reserve Kyushu Highway Bus Online

While some highway bus required reservation to be made in advance, or some not required. Seat is open for reservation one month in advance prior to the bus ride. Personally, I prefer to make a highway bus reservation online to avoid communication breakdown. It is simple and easy. Just follow the below simple step and your highway bus ticket is reserved.

New User Registration

The Kyushu Highway Bus Website (Japanese language)
First of all, you will need to register as a user to make seat reservations on Kyushu highway bus. Alternatively, you may register later when you are confirmed on the bus ride. Firstly, click on the Kyushu Highway Bus Web Website. Please take note that the reservation with pay later option (such as SunQ pass holder) to be done in the Japanese language. This is the most challenging for foreigner. But no worry. It is simple and easy.
Kyushu Highway Bus Website: and

Kyushu Highway Bus User Log in

New User Registration
After entering the website, click on the top bar link to register for a new user on the Highway Bus website. It will direct you to the new user registration page. Agree and term and condition and select to register as individual user. Another option is to register as a corporate user, which is not entitled to us.

Kyushu Highway Bus New User Registration Process
Register as Individual

Set Up User Information
Proceed to set up user ID and password and fill in all personal information. The user ID needs to be within 4 to 12 alphabet, mix of number and character and case sensitive. Next, fill in the personal information including last name, family name, gender selection, birthday, telephone number, postal code, occupation, and email address.

There are two-part to fill up your name. Input the English name on the first one and the second one required to fill in your name in Japanese Katakana. The easiest way is google translate your name from English to Japanese to fill in. The email address is important for verification and sending the reservation email. So please make sure the email address is correct.

Set Up User ID and Password
Fill in User Information

Select User Log in
The user registration process is the most time-consuming process. Once it is done, everything is pretty simple and easy. You will need to confirm on the user registration process from the Kyushu Highway Bus website which send to your email. Next, log in to your user ID account.

Select User Log in

Kyushu Highway Bus Reservation Process

Set the Bus Reservation Route
After completing the new user registration process, proceed to the front page on the Kyushu bus website. Select on the desire bus route that you want to reserve for the Kyushu highway bus.

The below example show the simple step on how to reserve the highway bus ticket from Kumamoto to Takachiho. The Takachiho Gorge is the most popular attraction in Kyushu and this is also one of the popular bus routes. It is an amazing attraction to visit in Kyushu and the bus is the only public transport to get there. This bus route required for seat reservation.

From Kumamoto to Takachiho Highway Bus Reservation

Make sure on bus reservation Detail
Once you click on proceed, the page will lead you to select on the available bus schedule. Just select the desire bus schedule and then click to proceed to the next page. Click on the desire bus schedule, number of passengers and select on seat preference. You can choose to sit in front or back, window or aisle for your bus ride. Lastly, select whether you want to book for a return trip or only one way.

Select the desire bus schedule
Make sure bus reservation detail

Confirmation on highway bus reservation
Lastly, check on your highway bus reservation. It will summarize all the selection that you have chosen on the previous page. Once everything is correct, click on the reservation confirmation. After submitting your highway bus reservation, you will receive a confirmation email stated that your seat reservation has been completed and confirmed. Just write down the confirmation number or show the email when pick up the seat reservation ticket. That’s it. Easy and simple.

Confirmation on bus reservation on Kyushu Highway Bus

Pick Up Seat Ticket At Bus Counter

Pick Up Seat Ticket at Bus Counter

Last but not least, you need to pick up your seat ticket at the bus counter. Just present your SunQ Pass at the bus counter and informed the staff on your reservation number. Alternatively, show the reservation email to the helpful staff. They will help to print out the seat ticket for your highway bus ride. Please take note your seat ticket need to be collected 30 minutes before your bus ride.

When you board the bus, you will need to show the seat ticket and SunQ Pass to the driver before and after the bus ride. Seat tickets will be collected by the driver but keep the SunQ Pass with you. This pass is very useful and convenient when traveling in Kyushu Japan with bus.

We purchase the SunQ Pass from Klook and exchange it at Fukuoka Airport upon arrived in Kyushu Japan. Convenient and fast. There are a few options for these money-saving tips. Consider getting one if you are visiting Kyushu by bus.

  • Southern Kyushu 3-Days Pass (¥8,000)
  • Northern Kyushu 3-Days Pass (¥9,000)
  • All Kyushu 3-Days (¥11,000) and  4-Days Pass (¥14,000)

Another useful transport guide is how to make reservation on Kyushu Odan Bus.

Hopefully, this Kyushu transport guide able to help you if you are looking for information on how to reserve the highway bus in Kyushu. Welcome to drop us an email/comment if you need further help. We had a great time when visiting Kyushu. The view is so beautiful and amazing. Take a look at the below travel post if you need some idea to travel around.