How To Get To Kumamoto From Fukuoka Airport By Bus

From Fukuoka Airport To Kumamoto by Bus, Explained

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Last updated on April 27th, 2024

Read on to find out how to get to Kumamoto from Fukuoka Airport by highway bus. The detail step-by-step guide with traveling time and bus fare included.

Kumamoto is easily accessed from Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Oita by public transport. There are frequent buses, local trains, and shinkansen running between these big cities in the Kyushu region. During my visit to Kumamoto, we choose to take the highway bus directly from Fukuoka Airport to Kumamoto once arrived in Kyushu. It is very convenient and budget option to get to Kumamoto without further transfer required.

Added, our accommodation in Kumamoto, Nest Hotel is located within a 1-minute walk from Kumamoto Kutsu Center as we planned to visit the Takachiho Gorge from Kumamoto by bus. One of the main reasons that we choose to get to Kumamoto by bus.

Buy Bus Ticket From Bus Service Counter

Buy Highway Bus Ticket at Bus Counter

Before you proceed to the bus platform, remember to buy the Highway Bus tickets from the Highway Bus Service Counter. It is also the same service counter where you can get the SunQ bus and reserved ticket for the highway bus booked through online.

No bus reservation required for highway bus from Fukuoka Airport to Kumamoto. You can get the bus ticket once you arrived at Fukuoka Airport. From Fukuoka Airport to Kumamoto by highway bus takes about two hours with bus fare ¥2,280 for one way. The final stop is Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal.

Get To Bus Platform

Transport Information at Fukuoka International Airport

Once you purchased the ticket, proceed out from the airport terminal building to the Highway Bus Platform. All the transport information is well listed in Fukuoka Airport.

Bus Stop Information at Fukuoka International Aiport

The highway bus to Kumamoto is located at Bus Stop 4 (nearest exit is thru Exit 3). It is also the same platform for bus getting to Saga, Kurume, Kokora, and Aso.

Bus Schedule From Fukuoka Airport To Kumamoto

Bus Schedule To Kumamoto From Fukuoka Airport

There is one bus per hour that started from 9:02 morning until 22:02 night. Besides, additional bus runs between these routes for peak hour at 20:32 and 22:32.

Bus running quite frequently and probably this is the main reason for no online reservation required.

Wait At The Bus Stop

Wait at the Bus Stop and wait for the bus to Kumamoto. The bus will be clearly stated with Kumamoto. Added, there are also friendly staff are helping on the passenger to board the bus. Well marked sign for passenger to queue in front of the bus stop to different destinations.

On-time, the bus arrived at the bus stop.

Load Luggage Into Bus

Next, loaded the luggage into the bus when it arrived. For those who do not purchase the ticket, remember to take the numbered ticket at the entrance. It is used to compute your bus fare for your ride.

Comfortable Seating Area Inside Bus

Sit back and relax for your bus ride. The seating area inside the bus is very clean and comfortable.

There are no many passengers who choose to take the bus from Fukuoka Airport to Kumamoto. The bus journey takes about two hours. Clear announcement on the next stop name along the bus ride.

Get Off at Destination

Lastly, get off at the desired destination and dropped the numbered ticket into the fare machine (if required). We just showed the purchased bus ticket to the driver and we were ready to go.

In short, for travel to Kumamoto, the one-way journey between Fukuoka Airport and Kumamoto Kotsu Center by highway bus takes about two hours and costs ¥2280. It is pretty simple and clear on how to take a bus to Kumamoto from Fukuoka Airport.

Bus Fare: ¥2,280 (for one way)
Travel Time: 120 minutes

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