Yamamizuki Ryokan Onsen Hopping: Access and Review

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Last updated on April 27th, 2024

Enjoy the tranquil outdoor bath is one of the must try when visiting Kurokawa onsen. We had onsen hopping in Yamamizuki ryokan, the most beautiful outdoor bath with natural settling in Kurokawa onsen.

By using the onsen hopping pass, visitors can freely access to three different onsen of your choice. Our onsen hopping in Kurokawa onsen started with Yamamizuki (山水木日式旅館). It is best known for the open-air outdoor bath (rotenburo). The outdoor onsen bath is located beside the running river, boasted by the picturesque natural view.

How To Get To Yamamizuki Ryokan

Yamamizuki Pick Up Location

While the location is slightly away from town with 10 minutes drive or 30 minutes of walking distance required. However, Yamamizuki ryokan provides free shuttle service every 30 minutes in the daytime even for non-hotel guest. Thumb up for Japanese service.

The pickup location is located in front of Tsukemonoya Pickles Shop (漬物屋平野商店 つけものや), opposite the tourist information center. Just walked out to the street and turn right and you will find it. There were benches available while waiting for the shuttle bus.

Free Shuttle Service From Yamamizuki

Without a long wait, the shuttle van arrived. The driver is very friendly and can speak English. We double confirm on the service and boarded the shuttle van.

Yamamizuki Shuttle Schedule

The shuttle service started from 11:00 morning until 17:45 evening, with 30 minutes interval. The journey to the Yamamizuki took less than 15 minutes. The road is quite narrow and only one car can pass each time.

Daytime Access

Side Entrance To Yamamizuki Public Bath

Soon, we arrived after pass through the wood. Follow the sign, day-trippers are entered through the side entrance to the bathing area. Even the walking path is beautifully decorated in Japanese Zen touch. We in high confidence that this must be a great onsen bath experience.

Yamamizuki Daytime Access Counter

The entrance is the “Inoya” Coffee shop with several rows of lockers available for onsen hoppers. There are free locker service for your belonging but you will need to bring your towel. Else, you can get the towel at 300 yen.

We had our stamping on the wooden pass and ready for our first onsen hopping at Yamamizuki.

Daytime Access to Yamamizuki Bath

From the coffee shop, we followed the beautiful path which lead us to the entrance of the bathing area. While two of us are ladies, so sorry that we can’t comment on the men bath.

Difference entrance to Bathing Area

Difference entrance for hotel guests and day-tripper into bathing area in Yamamizuki. For the daytime access visitor, please enter via Morinoya (purple color).

The changing area are pretty clean and well-equipped. There are hairdryers, make-up mirrors with a proper seating area. Proper toilet available inside. Added, shampoo and conditional available at the shower area.

Compare with other day access onsen bath that we tried on, Yamamizuki’s changing room is the most well equipped and spacious.

Note: No photography allow beyond this point. Below onsen photo taken from Yamamizuki website.

Open-air Outdoor Onsen Bath

Yamamizuki Hot Spring Bath

While the outdoor open-air bath is very spacious and located directly on the riverbank. Enjoy the natural hot spring water with birds chirping in the wood. What a fabulous bath!

There is also an indoor bath for the day-tripper. But we prefer outdoor the most. It was one of the best moments during our Kyushu trip. We dragged in Yamamizuki for more than one hour and truly enjoy our onsen bath. It is the best place to experience the hot spring in the natural surrounding. High recommended as one of the best picks into the onsen hopping in Kurokawa onsen.

Daytime Admission to Yamamizuki: 600 yen
Overnight Stay: From 17,000 yen per person including 2 meals
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