Sunmesse Nichinan Miyazaki

Sun Messe Nichinan With Moai Statues

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Last updated on April 27th, 2024

Touch the mysterious Moai Statues at Sun Messe Nichinan Miyazaki without flying over to Easter Island. The only restoration is permitted all around the world.

Located at the Nichinan coast in Miyazaki prefecture, Sunmesse Nichinan is a beautiful seaside park with a panoramic view on the Pacific Ocean. However, the secret of Sunmesse Nichinan is not the breathtaking ocean view. There are seven Moai statues placed inside the park. Although these Moai status is replicated, Sunmesse Nichinan is the only place all over the world where their replication is permitted.

We kept debating on the worth to include Sunmesse Nichinan during our day trip in Miyazaki. While Easter Island is too far for us and we are interested in the mysterious Moai statues. It is a great opportunity for us to see the life-size Moai statues.

Entrance Fee To Sunmesse Nichinan Miyazaki

Due to time limitations, we only manage to have a quick visit to Obi Castle. From there, we boarded the local bus and get off at Sunmesse Nichinan station. There was almost 15 minutes uphill walk after we get off from the bus station.

The entrance fee is well display before getting in. The entrance fee is ¥800 per adult, ¥500 for teenagers and ¥350 for kids. Free for kids below 4 years.

Sun Messe Nichinan Park

Sunmesse Nichinan with Moai Statues

The Sunmesse park was bigger than we had expected. From the ticket entrance, you need to walk about 300 meters to the Moai statues. However, we choose the wrong route and meander up the hill. So end up, we had a view on Moai statues at different vantage. Our little hike rewarded us with a beautiful view on with Moai statues with the pacific ocean. So please choose to walk on the left side if you are only want to take a close look at the statues.

The Seven Moai Statues

Sunmesse Nichinan Miyazaki

The pacific ocean creates a wonderful background for the Moai statues. The view on seven Moai statues standing by the coastline was quite a scene, especially from the upper hill. During our visit, the day was bright with a clear blue sky. The good weather make the stunning statues looked very beautiful.

Each of the seven Moai statues is imbued with their own luck such as love, friendship, fortune, jobs, health, and others. People touch the third statues from the left for love. While the second one from right for fortune. Nice place to visit for memorable pictures.

There are also three Moai statues scattered around. Find them out.

Others Things To See in Sunmesse Nichinan

Inside the park, there are many picture spots and viewing areas for photo opportunities. The whole area is well maintained, clean, set into a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Worth spending some time for photography or just have a good relax time with your love ones. Kids seem taking fun inside the park.

Modern Art in Sun Messe Nichinan

There’s a bit of modern art to see too. We love the colorful modern art in the Sun Messe Nichinan Park. Any meaning of this seven thinking man facing on Moai statues?

Golf Buggy Rental

There are golf buggy rental available at ¥1,000 for 30 minutes. It is quite expensive for the 30 minutes ride. But it seems like many Japanese couples enjoy it a lot.

What To Eat in Sun Messe Nichinan

There are two restaurants served the Miyazaki’s specialties if you are looking for what to eat inside the Sunmesse park. Price is reasonable. Grab some bite or snack if you are hungry.

Overview: Visit To Sun Messe Nichinan

In short, Sunmesse Nichinan may look like a tourist trap. The only reason why we visited there was we really interested in Moai. Frankly saying, the entrance is not cheap. So if these replica statues are not your cup of tea, you may skip the Sunmesse Nichinan.

We spend about one hour wandering inside the park, glazing on the peace symbol statues. The view of the surrounding and statues were fabulous. We enjoyed our good time in Sunmesse Nichinan. It took quick some time to reach Sun Messe Nichinan from Miyazaki city. While Sunmesse Nichinan is part of our Miyazaki day trip, it is worth to space sometime when visiting here.

Getting To Sun Messe Nichinan

Getting To Sunmesse Nichinan by Bus

The bus is the only public transport to get to Sunmesse Nichinan for the Moai statues. Buses run almost one bus per hour from morning until early evening. Please take note of the bus schedule if you wish to board for the last bus. Almost all visitors are boarding the two last bus back to Miyazaki city. It can be very crowded especially during weekends and holidays. It takes about 75 minutes by bus from Miyazaki station with one way cost ¥1,450. Get the One Day Miyazaki Pass at ¥1,500 to save on the return trip journey. Added, SunQ Pass is covered for the bus ride.

Self-driving with a rental car is a good idea for traveling the Nichinan coast. There are many car rental companies at Miyazaki airport. Take a look at if the rental fee is worth renting one car for a group of families.

  • Access: 75 minutes by bus from Miyazaki Station. Get off at Sunmesse Moai Station (サンメッセ 日南)
  • Operating Hour: From 9:30 to 17:00 (Closed at first and third Wednesday of every month, open during August and holiday)
  • Address: 2650 Miyaura, Nichinan, Miyazaki 887-0101, Japan

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