Mutekiya Best Tokyo Ramen

Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro: Must Eat Tokyo Best Ramen

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Last updated on April 21st, 2024

If you are looking for the best ramen places in Tokyo, Mutekiya is among the top three among all. The creamy juicy broth, super juicy pork and bite worthy noodles, make it one of the best Tokyo ramen. Must eat in Tokyo.

Located on the end street of Seibu Ikebukuro, Mutekiya Ramen is one of the popular restaurants among locals. It getting popular among travelers in recent years due to its taste flavorful ramen yet at affordable prices. Since our first visit to Mutekiya ramen, we always came back for this popular Tokyo ramen restaurant every time we visited Tokyo. The reason is simple. The ramen is superb wonderful!

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Getting There

Mutekiya Best Tokyo Ramen Restaurant
Mutekiya Best Tokyo Ramen Restaurant

The Mutekiya Ramen is located a walking distance from Ikebukuro station. It was pretty easy to find as long queue always in front. It was fairly early by the time we reached Mukekiya.

The queue was not too long and we waited for about 20 minutes to get in. While waiting in line, the staff from Mutekiya will present the menu and take your order so the food will promptly be served after seated.

Seating Inside Mutekiya Ramen Restaurant

The Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro is just a traditional ramen restaurant with a long bench on one side and few tables on the other. It only can cater to about 20 people which explains the long queue.

Our food order was done while we waiting in line with friendly staff. I ordered the hontoro tokumarumen, the famous pork with the thickest soup. 

Without a long wait, our best Mutekiya ramen was served.

Mutekiya Ramen

Best Food in Tokyo Mutekiya Ramen
Best Food in Tokyo Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro

My first sip on the soup. WOW. The broth was so flavorful. It was heavier and more flavorful than another ramen I’ve had. While the sliced pork was so generous, juicy, and chunky. It was meltingly tender and able to pull apart with chopsticks. Together with the tasty broth, it was amazingly good!

If the taste is too much on it, Mutekiya offers free Jasmine tea and spicy pickled to get rid of greasiness. I can’t stop eating it until the finish of the last soup. Ramen is chewy with great texture. Added, the eggs were also soft-boiled in the perfect way.

Although we need to wait for about 30 minutes to get it, it totally worth the wait. Our Mutekiya food tips to the traveler, please come at the right times and the lines aren’t so bad either.

Tokyo Best Ramen: Mutekiya

Best Food in Tokyo Mutekiya
Best Food in Tokyo Mutekiya

All in all, we had a wonderful meal in Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro and it is one of the best restaurants for all my japan trips. It is the best ramen at the most affordable price. This beautiful bowl of ramen definitely worth the wait and didn’t disappoint. Highly recommend Mutekiya for the best ramen in Tokyo. One of the reasons for me to come back to Tokyo!

How To Get To Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro: From the JR Ikebukuro station east exit, turn right and walk straight all the way for about 5 minutes. The Mutekiya ramen is on your right.

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