Udo Shrine Miyazaki

Udo Jingu Shrine at Seaside Cliff

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Last updated on April 21st, 2024

The stunning Udo Jingu Shrine Miyazaki is built on a seaside cliff which makes it a special place to visit. One of the must-see attractions along the Nichinan Coast.

Udo Jingu Shrine or Udo Shrine (鵜戸神宮, Udo Jingū) is a popular shrine among locals and travelers in Miyazaki prefecture. It beautifully situated right next to the seaside cliff with powerful blue waves keep pounding on the rock, and look stunning in every direction.

From Aoshima Island, we continue our bus journey to Udo Jingu. The journey along the Nichinan coast is so amazing with great views of the Kyushu coastal area. Make sure to sit on the left side if you are taking the bus from Aoshima Island. Our camera was non stop and we took numerous pictures on the beautiful view.

Walking Journey To Udo Shrine

Stairs when walking to Udo Shrine

The main entrance of the shrine is required about 15 minutes walk from the bus stop. We have to climb multiple flights of stairs, uphill and downhill around the mountain to access to the shrine. Put on your most comfortable pair of shoes if you are here.

Pedestrian Tunnel while walking to Udo Jinga

Most of the walk is uncovered and can be very hot during summer. Added, there is a pedestrian tunnel halfway in the midway where you can slightly cool down.

Shops Along The Walk To Udo Shrine

On the way in, there are shops and cafes selling drinks and snacks. We didn’t stopped by and went straight to the shrine. You can take a quick rest and get some ice cream or drink if this is too challenging for you.

Ocean View in Nichinan Coast

However, the journey is well worth to meet the beautiful shrine by the ocean. The moment once we reach the entrance, we met with a spectacular and beautiful view with cliff overlooks the blue ocean. The view was pretty spectacular with the sea splashing against the rocks along the shore. Stunning!

Building Gate Along The Walkway To Udo Shrine

The Udo Jingu Shrine is best known for the main shrine that’s built into the cliff-side cave. However, multiple shrines are well worth visiting as you walk along the beautiful coastline. Along the way to the main shrine, few bridges, torii gate, and some small shrines will lead you to the end.

We stopped by many times and took many photos along the journey. Everything is colorful and well maintained. Do not stop too long, an incredible shrine is yet to come.

Rabbit Statue

The rabbit statue along the path to a bridge caught our attention.

Udo Jingu Shrine Miyazaki

Udo Shrine Miyazaki

There was a downhill stone steep before we approached to the main shrine. Once you reach the main Shrine, we all amazed by the beautiful setting. Waves keep lapping against the beautiful rock structures beside the Torii gate make it even more divine.

Udo Shrine inside grotto

The shrine itself is not too big. But it completely built and hidden inside grotto which makes it a unique point of interest. It was quite dark inside the cave with breezing wind keep blowing into you.

There are several Japanese myth and legend about Udo Shrine. The most well known is the ‘Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko’, a story about two brothers. One is a fisherman and another one is a hunter. Added, Udo Shrine is famous for pregnancy, childbirth, and women hoping to have a child. Couples go there for good luck when having children.

On the 1st of January, many locals are visiting Udo Shrine to see the first sunrise over the ocean or the first shrine visit of the year.

Throw Bead Into Kameiwa For Good Luck

Kaimeiwa in Udo Shrine Miyazaki

Just before the Udo shrine entrance, there is a special rock by the sea called Kameiwa which had a rope surrounding a puddle. You can purchase the small wooden beads (undama) at 100 yen to throw into the role hole for good luck. It is said that you will receive good luck if any of your stones manages to land in the hole.

Instruction To Throw The Beans To Kameiwa

This appeared to be a very popular activity, especially among locals. There is a little instruction to guide on how to throw the clay pebble into the hole on Kameiwa. Men, please throw using left hand while women throw by using the right hand. It’s a fun experience especially for family with kids.

It’s not too difficult but no luck for us. We tried on one round and didn’t go for further tryout.

Beautiful Ocean View at Side of Udo Shrine

We spend the time overlooking the beautiful ocean view at the side of Udo Jingu. The beauty of the surroundings added the mystical nature of Udo Jingu Shrine.

Our Short Visit To Udo Shrine

We visited many shrines in Japan but Udo Jingu Shrine has its unique beauty. The place is very scenery and the view surrounding the Shrine is amazing. Though it’s quite a walk from the nearest bus stop, Udo Shrine Miyazaki is one of the must-visit place if you are around this area. We spend there about an hour and took a lot of photos. Remember to allocate some time to walk back to the bus stop if you are getting there by bus. Don’t miss the bus, else you need to wait for another hour for the next bus.

In short, Udo Shrine Miyazaki is a very lovely shrine with a spectacular setting and many photo opportunities. Worth a visit.

Getting To Udo Jingu Shrine

Getting To Udo Shrine Miyazaki by Bus

The beautiful Udo Shrine Miyazaki is easily accessed by public bus from Miyazaki Station. The bus ride takes about 90 minutes and one way cost 1480. It will stop along the attraction in Nichinan coast where you can couple up your visit together. Just like what we did. Kyushu SunQ Pass is covered for this ride. Alternatively, get the One Day Miyazaki Bus Pass at 1,500 yen. Both pass will greatly save on the transportation fee. Get off at Udo Jingu Irigushi bus stop and walk 15 minutes to the shrine entrance.

Of course, the best way to get to Udo Shrine is by rental car. If you are here on a road trip, remember to take the Route 220 along the beautiful coast.

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