Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro: Affordable Japanese Wagyu Beef Grill

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We highly recommend Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro for the best yakiniku experience in Kyoto. This restaurant offers carefully selected Japanese Wagyu beef grilled in high quality.

During my visit to the Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro (Hachijoguchi Store), we enjoyed a variety of beef cuts at an affordable price. The meal was one of the best I had in Kyoto. If you’re looking for an affordable place to savor Japanese Wagyu yakiniku, Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro is the place to go.

Continue reading about my food experience at Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro – one of the most affordable places to enjoy Japanese-style grilled Wagyu in Kyoto.

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro

Kyoto Yakiniku Wagyu Beef

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro (京の焼肉処 弘) has been a popular yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant in Kyoto for many years. It was established in 1976 in Sanjo Shopping Street by Kyoto’s most famous butcher, Hiro. The restaurant is renowned among locals for offering fresh, high-quality beef at an affordable price.

There are several branches of the Hiro brand throughout Kyoto, divided into three groups.

The first group is Kyoto Kaiseki Yakiniku (BBQ) HIRO, where diners can enjoy premium wagyu and seasonal Japanese cuisine in the historical atmosphere of Kyoto. There are three branches to choose from: Yasaka-Tei near the Yasaka shrine, Gion Yamana-an in the Gion area, and Pontocho.

The second group is Kyoto Yakiniku (BBQ) HIRO, which has 8 branches in Kyoto and is still expanding. You can choose to dine at Senbon Sanjo, Sanjokiyamachi, Saiin, Shijokiyamachi, Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower Sando, Hachijoguchi, and Yamashina Station.

Lastly, there is Kyoto Yakiniku (BBQ) HIRO SHOTEN, located at Karasuma Nishiki, Shijo Takakura, and Kyoto Station Nishi. This group of Hiro restaurants is more casual and less expensive.

Each restaurant has different styles and menus, all offering high-quality options. You can check the details on their website and choose the one that best meets your expectations.

For more information, visit the official website of Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro:

Pro tip: If you plan to dine at Yakiniku Hiro Kyoto, make sure to make a reservation on their website, as it is always crowded and fully booked, especially during weekends. Popular locations can get fully booked weeks ahead, so securing your seats before visiting the restaurant is essential!

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro (Hachijoguchi Store)

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Hachijoguchi Store

We visited the Yakiniku Hiro Hachijoguchi Store (焼肉 弘 八条口店) and would highly recommend it. The restaurant has a chic modern design with a good vibe. The atmosphere inside the shop is similar to other Japanese grilled yakiniku restaurants.

We stayed at the Hotel Keihan Kyoto Ekiminami, located opposite Kyoto Station’s Hachijoguchi exit. The Yakiniku Hiro Hachijoguchi Store is the nearest Hiro branch to our hotel, so we didn’t have to venture very far. We were glad we did, as it was only a 4-minute walk from the hotel. We made a reservation before our trip to Japan.

Dining Area - Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Hachijoguchi Store

The dining area is pleasantly intimate. With a party of three, we were seated on the first floor at a beautiful table seating area. There are also counter seating areas on the ground floor.

Similar to many establishments in Japan, there is a common grilling table for the three of us. It provides a good smokeless grill, so your clothes won’t smell after eating there.

What To Order

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Menu

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro offer both Japanese and English menus. The restaurant offers affordable meat platters and a variety of side dishes. There is also a great selection of meat and cow offal available.

Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Most of them can speak basic English.

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Platter Set

We ordered the daily special meat platter along with some specialty items such as Yukke (seasoned raw beef meat), beef tongue, Kyoto Kujo negi Roll, and salad.

Enjoy Meal at Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro

It was a great experience to enjoy Yakiniku with a draft Asahi beer.

Yakiniku Wagyu Beef

Japanese Wagyu Grilled in Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro

Yakiniku means “grilled meat” in Japanese. The grilling is done at the table on a grill placed over the direct flame. Because the flavor of the beef is the focus, yakiniku requires high-quality ingredients as well as extra care such as not overcooking it and ruining the flavor and texture.

Our food was served while we enjoy the drink.

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Wagyu Beef Platter

The meat platter from Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro is like a sampling menu with different cuts of meat. It was beautifully presented with the birth information of the beef. The portion sizes are not too big, so you can try different cuts of wagyu beef.

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Platter

Let’s start cooking. We start cooking the daily beef slides. A delicious aroma quickly filled your nose.

Grilled Beef in Yakiniku Hiro

Here is some thick diced beef meat. The beef melted in my mouth and the taste was brilliant!

The portion is small but we still recommend though—the flavor and texture of the beef were so beautiful. Together with delicious sauce, it gives the meat lover a great blend of everything. Incredible!

Kyoto Kujo Negi Roll

Kyoto is famous for its Negi (Japanese long onions). Therefore, we highly recommend trying the Kyoto Kujo Negi Roll, which combines the taste of meat with the freshness of onion. High recommend it.

Best Kyoto Yakiniku

The food quality was excellent, with a variety of courses and ample portions to satisfy anyone’s appetite. The cuts were well prepared, the salads fresh, and everything served was delicious.

Yukke – Seasoned Raw Beef Meat

Yukke - Seasoned Raw Beef

Besides the grilled meat, we highly recommend the Yukke (ユッケ) – Seasoned raw beef. It requires the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, prepared simply and naturally. The finely chopped raw wagyu ground beef and a raw egg yolk are perfectly paired. Just mix it up and eat it — raw!

The taste is amazing. This is also my first time trying raw beef in Japan, but we ended up loving it the most! We would come back just to eat this amazing dish.

Overall: Best Kyoto Yakiniku

Overall, we had a fantastic dining experience at Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro (Hachijoguchi Store). Everything about this place was classy, and the Wagyu beef was incredibly good and tender. Most importantly, eating Wagyu beef at Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro is much more affordable, even in Japan. I highly recommend this place and suggest making reservations in advance. You won’t regret it!

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