Where To Stay in Zurich Guide

Where To Stay in Zurich: Best Areas and Hotels

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Last updated on June 24th, 2024

Looking for a specific place to stay in Zurich? Here are our highest recommendations places and best pick hotels if you are looking for where to stay in Zurich.

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, makes sure to visit Zurich to truly experience this fantastic city. It is one of the must-visit cities in Switzerland, featuring many amazing things to do in the city. You have to spend at least one or two days in Zurich when exploring Switzerland.

However, searching for where to stay in Zurich can be a headache. Zurich is an expensive place to visit, in terms of transportation, food, and also accommodation. Although Zurich has a range of accommodation, from luxury to mid-range, and budget hostels, there is no real bargain when you’re looking for where to stay in Zurich.

Our Zurich accommodation guides include some best hotel recommendations for the different price ranges. If you haven’t decided where to stay in Zurich, check out the recommendations with our pick of the best hotels in Zurich.

Quick Tips: Where To Stay in Zurich

If you like the idea of staying in the city, here are our quick tips for where to stay in Zurich:

  • District1, Altstadt (Old Town)
  • Unterstrass
  • Zurich City West

More detail on why you should stay in these areas in Zurich.

What is the best place to stay in Zurich?

District 1, also known as Altstadt (Old Town) without a doubt, is our top choice for where to stay in Zurich. The Old Town is probably the best place to stay in Zurich in terms of convenience. Most of the major sites are within walking distance including Hauptbanhof can easily get around in the city. Here you will get a range of mid to high and luxury hotels in this area.

Where to stay in Zurich for family and kids?

We recommended staying in the Unterstrass, district 6. This area is slightly further away from the town but less crowded. It is still very mobile and convenient.

Where to stay in Zurich for budget travelers?

For budget travelers, staying in Zurich West can be a good option. The accommodations here are cheaper compared with the old town area. It is further from the city center but it is still very convenient as the Zurich’s public transport (trams and trains) system is very thorough and easy to use. A short ride can easily get you to the main attractions.

Friendly reminder, Zurich is the central hub of finance and business not only for Switzerland but also for the world. Accommodation can be run out when there is a special event or conference. We recommended booked your accommodation as soon as possible as your travel plan is set. This not only can secure your stay in Zurich but also can get a cheaper price as the hotel rate will get an increase when the rooms run out!

District1, Altstadt (Old Town)

As for many historical European cities, the Altstadt (Old Town) is always the preferred area to stay in. It’s centrally located and all the best things to do and see can be reachable by easy walking. The main train station is also located in the old town area, so you can easily walk to the hotel once you reach Zurich.

Among those areas, Altstadt (Old Town) is also the best place to stay if you are visiting Zurich for the first time. Here is our best pick when looking for where to stay in Zurich.

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich Best Hotel

Probably the most luxurious and high-class hotel in Zurich, Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich has everything that you could imagine. The location is excellent and situated right opposite the main station at the beginning of the Bahnhofstrasse. One minute of the short walk can get you to the main train station.

While the hotel is decorated in a classic European style with two award-winning in-house restaurants and a classy whiskey bar. Rooms are sound-proofed and offer adjustable beds and contemporary amenities. Excellent and professional staff guarantee your best stay in Zurich. Check for the best rate here.

Central Plaza

Where To Stay in Zurich - Central Plaza

High-range: Central Plaza Hotel is perfectly situated at Zurich’s Central Square right next to the main railway station. Centra Plaza Hotel is within 5 minutes walking distance from the main station and has easy access to most of the attractions in Zurich. The Bahnhofstraße, Zurich’s most popular shopping street, is only a few steps away from the hotel.

The property offers upscale soundproof rooms with comfortable beds for resting your head after a tiring trip in the city. The professional staff is charming and friendly. Definitely a pleasant stay in Zurich! Book your stay here.

Motel One Zurich

Where To Stay in Zurich - Motel One Zürich

Best Pick: Motel One Zürich is my top pick when looking for where to stay in Zurich. It is a more balanced option that combines style and comfort without the high price tag. Everything about the hotel was amazing. Incredible location, close to the train station and the attractions, with many great restaurants and pubs nearby. 

Motel One Hotel features modern comfortable rooms and elegant design. Incredibly helpful and friendly staff make this somewhere you’ll be happy to relax. A great value for money when you are looking for where to stay in Zurich. Check for the best rate here.

Hotel Limmathof

Where To Stay in Zurich - Hotel Limmathof

If you are searching for where to stay in Zurich which is centrally located and at a reasonable price, Hotel Limmathof is what you are looking for. Hotel Limmathof is a mid-to-budget hotel located in the heart of the old town. The location is awesome, which is close to train stations, shops, and attractions.

The staffs are very helpful and welcoming with reception open 24 hours. The room was very clean and comfortable though maybe some refurbishment is needed. With the price offer in Zurich, Hotel Limmathof is definitely a great deal! Check for rooms availability here.


For travelers with family and kids, we recommended staying in Unterstrass, Zurich. Located in District 6, the Unterstrass is a perfect place to stay when you want to easily go around Zurich without being in a crowded place. It is slightly further away from the town but it is still very mobile and convenient. Besides, a short tram ride can easily connect you to the city center.

For the best stay in Untersrass Zurich:

Hotel Krone Unterstrass

Best Stay in Zurich - Hotel Krone Unterstrass

The Hotel Krone Unterstrass serves all your family members by offering a comfortable stay in Zurich. It is located right next to the Kronestrasse train station, so very convenient to get to the city center.

The rooms are clean and spacious with great bathrooms. The friendly staff makes every effort by providing help and support for every guest. An excellent stay in Zurich for the price you paid. Check for rooms availability here.

ibis Styles Zurich City Center

ibis Styles Zurich City Center

The ibis Styles Zurich City Center is well located, with an only a 5-minute walk from the main train station. This newly renovated property can be considered as mid-budget accommodation when you are looking for where to stay in Zurich. But still, the elegant design of the hotel gives you a good and relaxing feel about the property.

A simple good breakfast for your stay on the property. Check for rooms availability here.

Zurich City West

Due to Zurich’s high prices and costly accommodation, staying in Old Town is more suitable for high-end travelers who want to stay near the attractions without budget concerns. In fact, public transport is pretty convenient and well-connected in the city, so staying in Zurich West is another great option if you are looking for accommodation with budget-friendly.

Here are a few recommendations if you are looking for where to stay in Zurich City West.

H+ Hotel Zurich

H+ Hotel Zürich

For a great price and best quality, H+ Hotel Zurich is one of the popular picks when looking for where to stay in Zurich. The hotel is not in central Zurich but can be reached by taking the city tram which takes approximately 15 mins to the main attraction. A bus stop is also located right in front of the property.

The hotel is nicely decorated and clean. Spacious rooms and comfortable bed. Great value for money. Check for the best rate here.

ibis budget Zurich City West

ibis budget Zurich City West

The Ibis Budget Zurich City West is a good place to stay in Zurich if you are looking for a good clean place to rest on a reasonable budget after sign-seeing in the city. The property is located in the trendy Zurich city West with well deserved by public transportation at a good price. It is well connected and easily accessible with 10 minutes of public transport from the city center and Zurich Main Station. If you prefer to walk, it’s about 30 minutes walking distance to the center.

Staffs are very friendly and helpful. A simple free breakfast is provided too for guests staying at the hotel. Take note that this is a budget hotel, so you’ll get what you paid for. Check for rooms availability here.

Overall: Best Place To Stay in Zurich

All in all, Zurich is an expensive city to travel to and travelers aren’t going to have it too easy in Switzerland. So it is very important to know where to stay in Zurich to find the perfect Zurich accommodation for your wants and needs.

For an experience like no other, we highly recommended Motel One Zurich and Central Plaza as the best places to stay in Zurich. Both are located in the Altstadt (Old Town) so it is very convenient to visit all the attractions in the city.

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